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Lemuel Lyon House. (SOLD!!!)

The original front facing portion of the 1827 Lemuel Lyon House, measures 16' x 36' while the ell immediately to the rear 12' x 27'. The timber framed one story addition measuring 12'6" x 19', may have been a hat shop. Twin chimneys with four fireplaces remain intact against the rear wall of the original two over two structure. There are large set-up stones sit atop afieldstone foundation. Existing are original doors, the front stairwayalong with three mantels and pine flooring. The owner will contribute to the removal and preservation of the dwelling. Dismantling must commence by July.

The original front facing portion of the 1827 Lemuel Lyon House, measurers16 x 36

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HISTORIC HOUSE OR BARN NEEDS RESCUE?  A dedicated preservationist, William Gould Architectural Preservation, LLC has long worked to save historic houses and barns endangered by change and development. Unfortunately, such structures are being condemned at a faster rate than we can find homes for them. Consequently, while we remain very interested to hear about your antique building, we must be selective so that we can continue to effectively advocate for the buildings that we have. Our online endangered house and barn form will help you to tell us what we need to know in order to advise you on the most effective course of action to save your important historic structure.

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