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Early eighteenth century house, Connecticut.
Architectural preservation links us to our past.

William Gould Architectural Preservation, LLC is a consulting and contracting company dedicated to helping clients to preserve and restore our early built heritage. For over thirty years, we have furnished planning, architectural assessments, design and historic preservation project management services for period projects of all types throughout southern New England. We can provide a uniquely thorough and practical understanding of these structures, often acting as "counselors" helping clients to best define their goals. William Gould Architectural Preservation, LLC continues to rescue and offer for sale endangered structures that need to be relocated.

A unique 1816 "double-hung" oval sash design, reproduced by Wm. Gould.
A unique 1816 "double-hung" oval sash design, reproduced by Wm. Gould. The lower sash may be raised for ventilation. These handmade windows are exact copies in construction methods. All the glass is cut from 19th century stock.


William Gould Architectural Preservation, LLC serves as historic preservation design and planning consultants, often working with clients' architects or qualified general contractors who may have limited expertise with historic structures or materials. Because historic structures exist outside the realm of current construction standards and practices, they can introduce a disruptive and expensive element into the construction process. Supplementing the skills of your project team with our knowledgeable and creative approach can help to produce the most economical solution possible. Our participation can guarantee that the preservation or reuse of original historic fabric is managed efficiently and without compromising historic values that are essential to the success of project.

Clients often find that our complete turnkey design and management proposals are most economical for historic building projects. When historic fabric is a defining component of the project, making us fully accountable for the outcome can afford us the advantage of many efficiencies, from the design stage through completion. Our long experience with historic building materials can better insure their harmonious incorporation into the new work. More significantly, our intimate understanding of the context and meaning of the existing historic work can allow us to furnish a design template for the project itself, thus pointing the way to the most practical project design. The best historic design is that which fully considers both the intent of the original builder and the goals of the client.

William Gould Architectural Preservation, LLC is happy to consult with you on your historic building project to help insure that the solution you select is most cost effective and truly meets your needs. We gladly answer all emails, but prefer that initial inquiries for serious projects be made by telephone to 860-974-3448.

(William Gould Architectural Preservation LLC is not responsible for errors or omissions in text or content displayed on this site and no offers are made except through a written proposal from the company.)

HISTORIC HOUSE OR BARN NEEDS RESCUE?  A dedicated preservationist, William Gould Architectural Preservation, LLC has long worked to save historic houses and barns endangered by change and development. Unfortunately, such structures are being condemned at a faster rate than we can find homes for them. Consequently, while we remain very interested to hear about your antique building, we must be selective so that we can continue to effectively advocate for the buildings that we have. Our online endangered house and barn form will help you to tell us what we need to know in order to advise you on the most effective course of action to save your important historic structure.